Eye Wash Cup

Multicare Surgical Products Corporation is manufacturer of  Eye Wash Cup helps you to take water very comfortable over the eyes. You can pour clean water inside eye wash cup; take the cup close your eye.


You can touch your eyes with water with close eyes., and then open your eyes inside water and you can move your eyes , you can press the cup  softly , so that your eyes get better wash. Then, change water to your other eye.


Eye wash cup helps to remove the dust particles more efficiently from your eyes.


Extensively used in eye clinic and hospitals, our range of Eye Wash Cups is acclaimed for their quality


The range is recommended by opthalmologstics for the treatment and therapy related to the eyes


Our Wash Cup are easy to use and offered at industry leading price range.



Specification –

  • Material : PVC
  • Volume: 5 ml
  • A  container to wash eye both in hospital or at home