Manual Keratometer

Multicare Surgical Products Corporation is manufacturer  of Manual Keratometer. These are one position instrument and are capable to measure both medial without changing optical system. Besides, the positive fixation permits rapid measurement of central corneal area. Our range of keratometer works with precision objectives and assures reliable performance. In order to provide accurate results, these are equipped with achromatic lenses and the dual eye level sighting system facilitates horizontal alignment. Moreover, these have two way adjustable head and chin rests and a simple vertical adjustment to fit patients.


  • Coincidence focusing system
  • Two way adjustable head & chin rests
  • Dual eye level sighting system
  • Facilitates horizontal alignment
  • Positive fixation


  • Positive measurement to .02mm accuracy, 15x wide angle piece
  • Measuring Range: Radius of Curvature 9.4 - 6.4mm (in .05mm steps)
  • Diopter: 36 - 52 (0.25 steps)
  • Contents: 2 spare bulb, Dust cover