Platelet Agitator

This Agitator specially designed to maintain Platelets in continuous motion at a fixed speed of 70 RPM. Maximum 48 standards Platelet bags can be accommodate at a time. and  Incubator provides an ideal Storing environment for the Platelets. This unit Designed to maintain a stable and uniform temperature of 22.0°C, The user-friendly design includes an acrylic inner door, and sees through outer door, simple calibration is possible via the control panel. This, coupled with a visual and audible alarm system, ensures that your samples are both safe and secure, but also easy to access when you need them.

Features :
                • Micro Controlled Temperature controller with Audio Visual Alarm for high Temperature. 
                • Display of Set and Process value 
                • Extra-strength non CFC refrigeration System 
                • The unit is mounted on castor wheel for easy mobility
           • CFC Free PUF (Poly Urethane Foam) Insulation to ensure temperature stability and save power consumption