Portable Handy Slit lamp

Multicare Surgical Products Corporation is manufacturer of  Portable Handy Slit Lamp that including hand held opening light and versatile opening light. While producing we utilize unrivaled multi covered optical lenses which guarantees to give the reasonable picture and fine subtle elements to viewer.


  • Latest innovation
  • Skillful manufacture
  • Quality and quantity assured
  • Handful operation
  • Durable

Technical Specifications:


  • Eye piece 10X,16X
  • Total Magnification 10X,16X Adjustable Diopter ±7D
  • Work distance 80mm
  • Slit Width(mm) 0~10mm,Continuously adjustable (at 10mm, slit becomes a circle)
  • Slit Angle Horizontal circumference ±30
  • Filter Green, cobalt blue, color temperature transformation angle
  • Illumination bulb White LED
  • Voltage & Frequency: AC 100~240V 60~50Hz
  • Power 18VA
  • Packaging Dimension(mm) 195×105×230 Gross Weight(Kg) 7.5 (including battery)