While traditional elastic band is used to fasten the upper arm, the interface between the elastic band and the arm is so small that intensify of pressure becomes large. it may cause the following results: arm congestion and subsidence of blood vessel. Even worse, it may cause the change of some analyses in blood, such as creative phosphate, uric acid and lactic acid and finally influence the quality of blood sample.
Our brand is equipped with wide stretch strap so that the intensity of pressure largely decreases to the modest degree. it can avoid congestion at the largest degree, ease uncomfortable feeling and improve quality of blood sample.
Our brand is widely used for fastening the vein in blood collection. it is also applicable to vein puncture for other medical purposes.
Components: stretch strap and ABC plastic components.
1. (For Adults) length: 400mm /- 10mm width: 25mm /- 1mm
2. (For Kids) length: 350mm /- 10mm width: 25mm /- 1mm