Enema Essentials

There are so many people around the world who are suffering from inexplicable health disorders in their routine life including minor but troublesome ones like constipation. Enemas are recommended for relief. Enema is the best method to clean the colon hygienically. This superior Complete Enema Solution is designed with extra care to make enema an easy and a delightful experience. The kit consists of Stainless steel Enema Can(sufficiently large), enema nozzle, silicone colon tube and Enema sheet to lie upon comfortably for the process.Enema Sheet is made of dual layer. Top side is made of cotton fabric which is very soft and provides ease to the whole body. The other side of the sheet is made up of plastic so that the liquid dispensed throughout the process, through cotton fabric can be constrained to sheet surface only not on the floor.

Enema is the single most technique which is most effective in keeping the colon flushed and body detoxified - Totally Unassisted