Manual Needle Destroyer Cutter

Our organization offers high quality Needle Syringe Destroyer that is extensively used for destroying the used syringes and needles as well. Used needles are to be particularly placed at its inserting point of this appliance and then these are further cut into small pieces. Likewise, used syringes are to placed inside this destroyer for disposal.


  • Stainless Steel Alloy Adjustable Blade.
  • Safe, Hygienic & Durable
  • Easy To Use And Sterilize.
  • No Maintenance Cost

Direction For Use:

  • To Terminate Needles: Insert the used needle totally into small orifice and hold handles with a rapid squeezing action till the used needle is cut
  • To Terminate Syringes: Insert the syringe nozzle totally into large orifice and hold the squeeze handles with a quick squeezing action till the nozzle is cut